Like Le Corbusier before him, Peter Yates hand painted murals in many buildings. Printed murals also appeared in several commercial interiors.
Images of some of these murals may be viewed here
(Updated : May 15, 2016)

Mural of Killingworth at Lloyds Bank in the Citadel
Killingworth Scape Lloyds Bank, Citadel Peter Yates, 1969

Public :

‘View of an Italian City’, Castle Eden
‘Castle Eden Dene’, Shotton Hall, Peterlee
'The Bonny Pit Lad’, Shotton Hall (Miner’s Cafeteria), Peterlee
‘Events at Sea’, Wanstead High School
‘Day and Night’ Winged Bulls Bevin Court, London (for Berthold Lubetkin), restored and unveiled May 2016
‘The Miracle Play’, Long Mural (Project not executed), Holford Square, Finsbury
‘Six Historical Events’ (Project not executed), Holford Square, Finsbury
‘Composite View of Britain’ (Project not executed), Sadlers Wells
‘Complex History of Finsbury’ (Project not executed), Sadlers Wells
'Lake with Dragonflies' Midland Bank, The Citadel, Killingworth
‘Composite engraving of Hexham’ (Photographic), Martin’s Bank (now Lloyds), Priestpopple Hexham
'Lettering in Grey, White and Black’, R.H. Patterson, Ford Main Dealer
'Nonsuch Palace' (photographic), Linden Hall, Northumberland
Linden Hall, Dining Room: project not executed
‘Optical Apparatus’, Opticians, Hexham Northumberland
‘Three murals from line drawings’ (photographic), Northern Counties Building Society, Newcastle
‘Long View of Europe’, Europazug, The Train of Europe Exhibition
'Time', The Golden Egg Restaurant, Newcastle upon Tyne
'Time', (second version) photographic, Golden Egg Restaurant, Leeds
'Carbon Molecular Structures' Sterling Organics Entrance Hall, Dudley
'Processions of Shells’, Beacon House Lobby, Whitley Bay Northumberland
’14 Foot Dinghy’, Tynemouth Sailing Club
‘Signal Flags’, Tynemouth Sailing Club
'Like Folksong the Cottage’ 40’, painting for exhibition
’View of Newcastle’, Architects Office, Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne
‘Gypsum Crystals’, British Gypsum
‘Sculptural Crystals, Kinetic’, British Gypsum
‘Mural Spectrum’, British Gypsum
‘Group of Crystals in G.R.P.’ British Gypsum
‘Light Machine, the Setting of Crystals’, British Gypsum
Mural, British Gas Engineering Research Station (project not executed)
’Origins of Fossil Fuels’, Norgas House, Killingworth (with Pierre Boucher, Paris)
‘Prophetic Gas Rig’, Norgas House, Killingworth (with Pierre Boucher, Paris)
‘Shadows on the Wall’, Tyneside Cinema Clubroom (restored 2009)
Ceiling Painting, Tyneside Cinema Clubroom
‘The Mountain of Light, End Wall (since repainted)’, Indian restaurant Koh-i-Noor
‘Spice Plants’, Indian restaurant Koh-i-Noor
‘Elephant, Peacock, Lotus, Cobra’, Indian restaurant Koh-i-Noor

'Kill Devil Rum' Domestic Mural, Cumbria. Peter Yates © c.1960

Domestic :

Entry, Grand Parade, Tynemouth
Florence, Grand Parade, Tynemouth
Exotic Fruits and Vegetables, Grand Parade, Tynemouth
‘Winejars hanging against a sea with boats’, House at Tynemouth
‘Groups of Shells’, House at Walton, Essex
‘Amphorae’ (second version), Trees, Woolsington
Birds’, Entrance hall, Harlequin House, Scotby Cumbria
Bottles’, Kitchen, Harlequin House, Scotby Cumbria

Bevin Court Mural, London for Berthold Lubetkin, ©1954. Restored and unveiled May 2016

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