Le Corbusier
‘This boy can see things.' 

Kenneth Rowntree, 1982
‘That he can create the feeling of a whole vernacular architecture by the shrewd choice of a single door or window, or evoke a whole culture by the minimum of artifacts, suggests a happy marriage of his two disciplines’. ‘The economy, the paring away of inessentials, with poetry never very far away, and on occasions a whiff of magic.' 

Peter Yates : Outgate Inn Hawkshead, ©1959

Bertold Lubetkin, 1983
'How can one exercise a value judgement when one is confronted with magic? Yet it is here for us to see.'

Berthold Lubetkin, 1985

‘Some years ago I was talking with Le Corbusier about Peter Yates 
with whose work he was familiar, this boy can see things said he, 
but to me it seemed more relevant that Peter could do things. 
In his paintings he prodded the depths rather than depicting the surface.
Simmering passions behind the stony immobility.
Cathedrals like rocks and rocks like cathedrals. From the vision of 
his beloved Durham locked in the mist of time to the Ultramarine 
rhapsody of Cyclopic Islands.
By staking claims on the distance he excites the imagination.
Simplicity, directness and purity give his work the power.
That was Peter Yates my friend the poet architect.
The song is over but the chords go on vibrating.’

Peter Yates: Great Britain, ©1953

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